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Thumbelina – The Smallest Living Horse Known

admin Nov 23,2012

In 2006, Thumbelina was recognized as the smallest horse of the world by Guinness Book of World Records when her owners got to know that she won’t grow any bigger at the age of 5. She was born on 1st May, 2001 in St. Louis, MO giving quite a shock by being just 8.5 pounds and 10 inch tall. However, both of her parents were standard mini horses, thus nobody was expecting Thumbelina to be so small. Now, Thumbelina has grown up to 17.5 inches (43 cm) tall and has a weight of 57 pounds (26 kg).


Thumbelina made the doghouse as her home and been sleeping there from her early years. The little horse appears to have no clue that she is so tiny and may believe that she is large enough. Thus, Thumbelina is a big amusement source on the farm. Since the day she was born, this small creature has spread joys all around. She is always surrounded with children, particularly for needy and sick, meeting this miniature horse is one of the happiest moments of their lives.

The average age of normal horses is approx. 35 years, but it is predicted that she would live merely 17 years due to her small size. Thumbelina has become quite famous not only in her hometown in America but also in various other parts of the world and is loved by everyone.



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