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The Bermuda Triangle – truth or fiction?

Luca Oct 19,2013

the-bermuda-triangle-locationThe Bermuda Triangle is a space found between Bermuda (of course), Florida and Puerto Rico. There would be nothing special about this place, if planes and ships wouldn’t mysteriously disappear when entering here. And the best part is that no one knows why, although there are some theories.

The facts look like that: there are ships and planes that went on the trip they had to do, and suddenly the people back home lost contact with them. It is believed that when entering the Bermuda triangle, the huge magnetic field disturbs every kind of electronic communication. Then nobody ever finds out what happened, no remains are found and so on.

Most people seem to believe that the strange phenomena that happens here it’s caused the-bermuda-triangle-activityeither by the underlying disappeared city of Atlantis, or by a time portal, or by aliens. Others believe that there must be a logical and plausible explanation, due to perhaps magnetic fields or something like that.

However, there’s a book called “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved”, written by Larry Kusche, in which the author explains that all the cases where people claimed that ships disappeared had actually an explanation, and not a paranormal one, or it involved some mistakes, some misinformation or others’ desire to become famous through this phenomena. So don’t  believe everything you read about this subject, unless of course, you have access to some official or scientific info.

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