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Ghost organs – organs brought back to life

Luca Dec 20,2013

ghost-organs-heartYou can’t even imagine how much science has evolved. And that’s in a relatively short time. A century ago people were dying from getting a cold, and now we create new organs. Yep, you read that well. Recently, scientists managed to make a “ghost organ”.

What is in fact a ghost organ? It’s an organ taken from a deceased person and decelluralized. This means that it is left only with the tissue that can connect to other cells. Then, they reseed cells from the patient that needs the transplant (usually stem cells) and it will regenerate. It’s an experiment that is meant to forever eliminate the risk of a transplant rejection, because the cells in the organ are the very cells of the patient and it cannot be rejected.

If you’re not impressed, find out that in the near future doctors could be actually ghost-organs-cellusing a 3D printer to create an extracellular matrix on which to reseed the patient’s cells. This even eliminates the necessity of having an organ from another person in the first place, since you can already print whatever you need. It has already been experimented and two rat kidneys were created like that, but there’s still a long way to go until this wonder becomes available, and more over, until it can be used worldwide.

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